Visit Wedding Venues and Locations in Ibiza and Formentera During Spring

Landing in Ibiza airport to look for wedding venues and locations in ibiza and Formentera

Ibiza and Formentera are known as the “Islas Pitiusas” because of the abundance of pines that are spread across the landscape. But this is not the only thing these two Balearic Islands are famous for. The shy sister of Ibiza better known as Formentera is synonymous to peace, tranquility, and white sandy beaches. It is just a short ferry ride across the Balearic Sea. If Ibiza has managed to intrigue you then Formentera is sure to grab you by hooks too. With these two Islands, you are spoilt for choice with beaches to enjoy and beach restaurants to dig into the food. The inexhaustible sunshine, azure sky, and juxtaposed sunsets make Ibiza and Formentera as the most desirable places to get married. With having boasted a ton about all the pleasant and pleasing things, you must consider the time of your visit as well. The best time to visit Ibiza is during the spring season, it is that time of the year when the winters have just bid adieu and wildflowers have made a comeback to add on to the beauty of the landscape. The weather is pleasant at this time of the year and ideal for wedding celebrations. This is also the ideal time for those planning their wedding, as you can visit the place and meander around the Island to look for prospective places for the future wedding. The weather, crowd, and cost of the visit are all convenient during this time of the year. Furthermore, you can get direct flights from many cities in Europe, starting in spring time.


Finding the right time to visit wedding locations, is merely not enough to make your marriage a success. You also would require the assistance of experts, an adept wedding planner that will take care of it all. We at Ibiza for Wedding are committed to providing you with the wedding of your dream with careful planning that incorporates choosing the best venue for Ibiza wedding as well as Formentera wedding. Our scope of work doesn’t encompass looking for venues alone, but surely this is the first aspect we have to consider.


Connect with us and book a flight! It would be our pleasure to take you around Ibiza-Formentera and help you with choosing your wedding locations amongst the two islands. Contact us (in any case), to know more about our special wedding packages exclusively crafted for you.