Take The Blessings Of The Sea With A Beach Wedding


Wedding planner in Formentera


The tranquil blue waters sweeping over the white sands are the only decoration you need to make your dream wedding come to life. The beach serves as the perfect picturesque backdrop for your day of love. The cool ocean breeze, the soft sand underneath you feet and the breathtaking sunset can make an already special day even more special. Hire a professional photographer to capture these perfect moments in the midst of nature. Immortalize your dream weddings in stunning pictures so you can revisit them for a little magic.


Hire a wedding planner in Formentera to make your dream wedding come to life. If you want a minimalistic wedding, under the giant spotlight, or you want to get married under a beautiful canopy, our wedding planners are here to fulfil all your desires. A beach wedding can be combined with different themes according to your quirks and style. We will keep you worry-free while exchanging vows on the sand by taking care of all the big, little details of your wedding. Our dedicated team of passionate wedding planners specialize in destination weddings. With us having your back, you just have to concentrate on getting your vows right!


A beach may sound like the perfect wedding venue; however it does come with its share of troubles. With the perfect sunset and the clear blue waters, you don’t picture gusts of wind ruining your wedding hair or mosquitoes. A wedding planner will be able to take care of these out of hand conditions by wind proofing your wedding venue and giving you your dream wedding.